Days of Moments

Days of Moments is the fanlisting for the relationship between Kawamura Takashi and Fuji Syusuke of Tennis no Oujisama. This fanlisting was first approved to Katze on July 5th, 2004, and was adopted to Dimmie on May 11th, 2005. Now, on April 10th, 2008, Katze has adopted the fanlisting back from Dimmie.

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Layout Information

The layout image comes from a doujinshi by the name of Aa, Kawa no Nagare no youni by Konjou Kumiai (Fujitani Youko), and was scanned by the ever-wonderful Leah. Textures used come from Colorfilter. Layout created in Photoshop 7 and notepad by Katze.

This fanlisting is recognized by The Anime Fanlistings, is part of Pure Rhythm and is owned by Katze.