This is a fanlisting for the Anime/Manga, Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis) and its continuation Shin Tennis no Oujisama (New Prince of Tennis). created by Konomi Takeshi. The story revolves around Echizen Ryoma, a 4 time junior champion in USA. The story begins when he moves back to Japan and enters Seishun Gakuen (Seigaku). The rest of the story is about Seigaku's journey towards the National Championship.

The Tennis no Oujisama manga (now completed at 379 chapters) has spawned an 178 episode anime, a 20 episode Nationals OVA and a currently airing Nationals Finals arc OVA, a live-action movie, well over 100 character cds/singles apart from OP/ED's, an animated big gay boat movie with an included Atobe-Is-God mini-movie, an insane amount of gay stage musicals and more miscellaneous merchandise than you can shake a stick at. Clearly someone up there either loves or hates us.

Tenipuri is full of crack, random, and "What the hell?". 13 year old tennis boys jump 15 feet in the air. Tennis boys have the ability to make balls gravitate towards their crotch. One-point matches can go on for over 40 minutes. Boys bitchsmack people. Boys lay dying in the hospital with diseases that actually have absolutely nothing to do with their symptoms (ie they don't have it and the mangaka himself admits he fudged up.). Boys wear purple flowery shirts of ghei. The entire cast has the ability to go "GASP, HE'S LEFT HANDED/HE CAN DO A ONE-FOOTED SPLIT STEP/HE CAN DO A TWIST SERVE" every single time Ryoma goes on the court. There are chibi-crack family episodes. And that ain't all.

During the series, the Seigaku regulars take on many different teams as the tournaments towards the Nationals commence. The teams are (and note I've left out teams that didn't make much of an appearance like Kakinoki and Ginka:

Gyokurin Chuu
Fudoumine Chuu
Saint Rudolph Gakuin
Yamabuki Chuu
Hyoutei Gakuen
Jyousei Shounan Gakuen (There is an inconsistency here, as in the manga Midoriyama beat Jyousei and played Seigaku. In the anime it's switched.)
Rokkaku Chuu
Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuu

Hurrah! We've made it to Nationals. The teams they've faced thus far are:

Higa Chuu
Shitenhouji Chuu
And playing Rikkai in the finals to take the win.

Shin Tennis no Oujisama, which began in March 2009, is a continuation of the original Tennis no Oujisama taking place several months after the original manga ended. Fifty Junior High players that participated in the National Tournament several months prior were chosen to compete for a spot on the All-Japan Under-17 tennis team, against many new characters from various high schools around the country. More information to come, as only three chapters have been released as of this writing.

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