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New codes and such~

Posted Feb 3, 2008. Filed under Character: Satou Shigeki, Series: Whistle!, Relationship: Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru, Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou.

I’ve been on a code kick for the past few days, and naturally there are new codes in a few fanlistings.

[+] Holiday, the Kanesaki Kentarou fanlisting has received 40 new codes.
[+] Abusive Love, the Kurobane ‘Bane’ Harukaze & Amane ‘Dabide’ Hikaru fanlisting has recieved 30 new codes.
[+] For The Dream, the Whistle! fanlisting, has received 49 new codes.
[+] Bleached, the Satou Shigeki fanlisting has received a new name, new layout and 36 new codes.

Probably to be updated as the day goes on. x3

New home!

Posted Jan 23, 2008. Filed under Collective Updates, Character: Ukai Noriko, Character: Satou Shigeki, Character: Mizuno Tatsuya, Character: Farfarello (Jei), Character: Tsukiyono Omi (Takatori Mamoru), Character: Naoe Nagi, Series: Whistle!, Characters: Nittle Grasper, Characters: Yamabuki Chuu Tennis Club, Characters: Jyousei Shounan Gakuen Tennis Club, Relationship: Hidaka Ken & Tsukiyono Omi, Relationship: Naoe Nagi & Tsukiyono Omi, Relationship: Momoshiro Takeshi & Kaidou Kaoru, Relationship: Sanada, Kaku, & Wakana, Relationship: Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru, Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou.

False Advertising is now Pure Rhythm, hosted here at Pure-Rhythm.org. Not everything has been moved over here yet, but the following fanlistings are new or or have recently moved over to this domain.

Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou

Tennis no Oujisama:
Momoshiro Takeshi & Kaidou Kaoru
Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru
Yamabuki Chuu Tennis Club
Jyousei Shounan Gakuen Tennis Club

Series: Whistle!
Sanada Kazuma, Kaku Eishi & Wakana Yuhto
Satou Shigeki
Mizuno Tatsuya

Ukai Noriko
Nittle Grasper

Weiss Kreuz:
Tsukiyono Omi (Takatori Mamoru)
Naoe Nagi
Farfarello (Jei)
Hidaka Ken & Tsukiyono Omi
Naoe Nagi & Tsukiyono Omi